Human Resources

Balkan Pharmaceuticals philosophy is to develop people and give them opportunities to progress their careers and expand their skill sets.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing the very best environment for employees and to developing people in order to support the strategy of continued growth. We realize that motivated employees are the key to growth and delivering continued business success. We work hard to attract the right people to the right positions and provide incentives that can turn employment into opportunities for a lifetime. We feel strongly that our success depends on the talent and results of dedicated employees. That is why we offer each employee the opportunity of developing his professional knowledge in order to gain self-confidence and have the feeling of accomplishment in life and career.

To successfully accomplish rapid company growth, Balkan Pharmaceuticals aims to attract and retain the best people and provide a great environment to work.

At Balkan Pharmaceuticals our employees are a valued resource. In support of our vision, bringing passion, innovation and productivity to drug development worldwide, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is committed to helping every employee achieve job satisfaction. We also provide the tools, training, and experience to fully develop individual potential.

As we are dedicated to excellency, we accomplish our mission with people of a high professionalism who are guided by the values the company promotes. At Balkan Pharmaceuticals each employee becomes an important member of the team by actively contributing to the future success of the company.