Investment Potential

As the growing demand for pharmaceutical products continues, the potential value of our company as the subject of investment also grows. With the investment qualification of 17 January 2008, Balkan Pharmaceuticals will expand production capacity while dramatically reducing production costs, placing Balkan Pharmaceuticals in optimal position to take advantage of the economic upswing we are beginning to see globally.

Risks Involved

Though as with any business venture and investment there are risks, we believe that our team of industry experts and management professionals are well poised to reduce or eliminate these risks. In the pharmaceutical industry, one of the greatest risks is failure in obtaining governmental approval for new medications. Our staff is ready and able to respond to this threat with years of experience and vast quantities of information from our research and development efforts.

Expansion Potential

With the provisions and interpretation of the Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights, greater potentials are to be found in the mandatory licensing and parallel importation of pharmaceuticals not only in Europe, but within the vast market of the Unites States of America may be tapped as well for future growth of our company. Currently, pursuant to this potential, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is seeking outside investment to fund both expansion of our production facility and to fund the research and clinical studies necessary for certification of our pharmaceuticals in other countries. Future plans are to expand approval process to Russia and the other CIS nations.