The Balkan Pharmaceuticals Mission

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is on a dedicated mission to help people around the world live longer, healthier and happier lives through medical research and development of break-through medications, providing information on disease treatment and prevention, and information on health and wellness management while producing and providing quality pharmaceutical treatments for existing conditions. This goal is achieved through the consistent high-quality manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and by maintaining the highest levels of global leadership in corporate social responsibility.

As experienced professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical field we are fulfilling our mission: devotion to the people in need to bring our energy for a better life.

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient and affordable medicines to millions of people in need. We accomplish our mission through technological excellence, high quality and superior services. We accomplish all these with a highly specialized team dedicated to the company`s values.

Our staff is trained to the highest possible industry standards, graduating from highly esteemed, world-renowned universities. Their areas of specialty include comprehensive pain assessment, principles of pharmacology, and lawful prescription of sterile pharmaceuticals. Our staff consults and cooperates with world-renowned university professors and pharmaceutical scientists in the development of new pharmaceuticals to further the potentials of humanity and to defend humanity from the scourges of contagious illnesses worldwide.

Additionally, in furthering the mission of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, key members of our staff have acted as consultants with the United Nations in the field of pharmaceutical regulation and disease control. All senior staff members are renowned, published authors, providing materials for textbooks and journals used currently in use in pharmaceutical academics.

Our vision is to be recognized on both national and international level as a successful producer in the pharmaceutical field.

We accomplish our mission and vision by transforming our belief into goals, through:

  • technological excellency;
  • product based research;
  • flexible and dynamic commercial strategies;
  • motivating working environment for the company`s specialists;
  • permanent growth of the company in order to respond to the market`s demands.